1994: On January 14, Atty. Rosario S. Bernaldo, along with six professional staff established R.S. Bernaldo & Associates in Unit 1810 Cityland 10 Tower 1 H.V. de la Costa, Makati City. The staff included one messenger, one secretary, who doubled as the receptionist, and three accountants, and the managing partner.

The Firm was a sole proprietorship and was admitted as a member firm of Pannell Kerr Foster International (PKF).

1998: On September 3, Atty. Rosario S. Bernaldo, along with two lawyers established a sister company which eventually became Bernaldo Directo and Po Law Offices.

1999: The Firm became a general professional partnership by promoting the original staff to partners.

2000: The Firm was admitted to Grant Thornton LLP.

2001: Mr. Angelo Bernaldo and Atty. Rosario Bernaldo established Center for Training and Development, Inc. (CTDI) to handle business process outsourcing services.

2002: Atty. Rosario S. Bernaldo co-founded ASEAN Accounting Firms (ASNAF).

CTDI opened a CPA review center in Makati City.

2004: CTDI acquired Center for Review and Professional Development.

2009: RSB Group of Companies expanded to 13 units in Cityland 10 Tower 1

2013: Renovation of the almost 20 year offices was started

2014: RSBA launches its new logo