RSBA wanted a logo that would represent what it can offer to its clients, employees and the public. As an auditing and consultancy firm, RSBA is not only responsible to its clients, but also to the public and general users of the financial statements.

Tessellations are tiles with no overlaps and gaps. At the same time, it somehow expands to a larger scale or shaped into something else. Like a folded paper, RSBA sees all possibilities and options by applying its professional and wide understanding of the Philippine Financial Reporting Standards, SEC Regulations, BIR Regulations and the Law. RSBA develops its employees to be thinkers and to be innovators. In the words of Atty. Bernaldo: "We want our clients to totally rely on us for all their needs. We are sincere in our desire to help our clients even if it means going out of our way to do it. Clients are human and they appreciate every little favor we extend to them. They should be well taken care of. Relationship with clients should always have a personal touch. We should treat every client as though he is our only client."

RSBA's organization is fluid, flexible, and ready to adapt and change according to client's requirements. They would need to exhaust all resources, so that they can present to the client the options and the consequences of the choices. As a service organization, RSBA is committed to fast, quality and reliable service. This commitment distinguishes the Firm from the rest of the competition.

The oblique stance of the new logo sets everything in motion. RSBA is moving forward. It is currently developing strategies on how to make its assurance and non-assurance engagements more efficient and more substantial. RSBA moves; RSBA grows as its clients' businesses grow.

Lastly, RSBA retains the colors Blue and Gold. RSBA will never falter, and will remain steadfast to its principles. When some correspondent firms ask RSBA how it markets its services in the Philippines and how it gets reputable clients, RSBA's ready answer is: "We do not do any marketing at all," Cherry quips. RSBA believes that as professionals, it should not be chasing clients." Clients come from nowhere thru phone calls and e-mails inquiring about RSBA's services. Some came to know the firm thru its website and list of SEC accredited accounting firms; others just tried the telephone directory."