RSBA over the years have accumulated knowledge and expertise over different industries. Each industry has different risk areas to address. Here in RSBA, we are able to adapt to the changes in the industry environment and to the changes in your business.   


Audit of banks and non-banking financial institutions take years of experience and dedication to learn the BSP Laws and Manual of Regulations for Banks and Non-Bank Financial Institutions. Learning the banking process is another story. It is with our drive to learn and competence in auditing banks, that we maintain a good relationship with our bank and savings and loans clients.

In a recent regulators’ forum, BSP mentioned that the accredited BSP auditors decreased from 400 to 113. This is due to their stricter monitoring of both the bank and its auditors. That is why it is important for RSBA’s employees to be properly trained in handling banks and non-banking financial institutions, and to be able to communicate and coordinate with our clients. 

Our client base includes banks, savings and loans, investment houses and other financial institutions.



We understand that non-profit organizations have the sincerest desire to help other people and adhere to their advocacies.  Currently, non-profit organizations have been further investigated by the regulatory bodies, focusing on the purpose and the funding received.  We equip our client service teams with above adequate knowledge regarding tax implications on the client transactions. 

Our client base includes foundations, condominium corporations, and other non-profit organizations.



Audit of energy companies take years of experience which involves vast amount of knowledge not only accounting and auditing standards but as well as rules and regulations of regulatory bodies such as but not limited to Department of Energy (DOE), Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) and Board of Investments (BOI). We equip our people with adequate knowledge on tax rules governing the industry. It is our pride to have extensive experience in almost all types of energy-producing companies that we are able to provide a quality audit and management advisory and tax services.

We review the accounting policies and the process of revenue recognition as well as capitalization of expenses. We are committed in learning our client’s business. We visit the sites during our audit.

Over the past years, the Firm has catered services to various types of energy production for at least 29 companies such as coal (2), biomass (5), hydro (7), wind (2) and solar (13) energies.



Mining starts with exploration costs. This phase may extend indefinitely, depending on the success of the evaluation process. We visit and observe the mining sites that are outside Metro Manila. This is to determine and validate the phase of the mining activity. Laws on mining also form part in the understanding of the business and would help in our audit. 

We have a total of ten (10) mining clients with different phases from exploration to production.



From the purchase of the land, up to the construction, we can reasonably assure that all transactions are fully accounted for. In the advent of PFRS 15, RSBA can guide your company through the transition.

Our client base includes business parks, malls, condominiums and villages.



Retail has changed over the years with the advent of technology. Retailers have accompanied their physical stores with online stores. Applications and software developments have enabled retailers to reach their target markets exponentially. At the same time, technology has become a tool for the retailers’ competition. Online stores have created a platform with lesser costs and operating expenses.

With other costs, such as importation, freight and storage, retailers are challenged with increasing costs and smaller gross profit margins.

RSBA is able to provide our retailer clients an adaptive approach in line with the changing environment of its industry.



Manufacturers range from small to large companies. They provide other local companies the proper tools to expand their businesses. One thing rolex replica common with these companies is that they are capital intensive.

Our clients include manufacturers of different types of products, which include but not limited to chemicals, steel, additives, paper, plastic, heavy equipment and others.



The Philippines thru the Foreign Investments Act, has provided an easier way of foreign companies in investing and/or starting a business here. However, in the recent years, both SEC and BIR have been monitoring closer these foreign companies.

Part of our approach does not only include understanding your business, but also the rules, laws and regulations pertaining to these foreign companies. In addition, we coordinate closely with the head offices of the branches and representative offices.