QAU Memo 2016-03: Changes in the CPD and Extension of Deadline for Filing of Accreditation

The Board of Accountancy (BOA) will be implementing changes and improvements on the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for CPAs.  Below are the following modifications:

  1. The gradual increase in the number of CPD units required to be completed for the three year period from 60 units to 80 units for the period ended December 2016, to 100 units for the period ended December 2017 and 120 units for the period ended December 2018.

QAU Comment: The BOA may consider providing reasons why they plan to increase the number of required CPD units.  Is there a study that shows 60 CPD units is not enough?  Is the increase in the number of CPD units proportionate with the increase in the number and frequency of updates being released annually?

2.    Shift from the CPD learning categories of Thematic to Competence areas, to make it consistent with International     Education Standards, with the Competence areas to be categorized into Technical Competence, Professional Skills and Professional Values, Ethics and Attitudes.

QAU Comment: This alignment with international education standards will result to global competency.  However, the BOA may consider providing guidelines on the CPD units earned during the transition period.  This is to ensure that CPD units earned under the previous thematic areas will still be counted under the new competence areas.

3.      Clearer rules on the securing of CPD credits for self-directed and non-verifiable learning activities.

4.      Encouraging the provision of more on-line CPD courses.

QAU Comment: This will provide additional venue to gain CPD units.  However, it will be very difficult for the BOA to determine whether the participant who will join the online CPD courses is the same participant who will benefit the CPD units.

5.     Encouraging more CPD service providers from the academe and government sectors.

QAU Comment: This will provide an additional opportunity on the part of CPAs working in the academe and in the government.

6.      Start of the use of monitors or proctors in CPD seminars who will be responsible for monitoring the attendance and presence of the CPD participants.

QAU Comment: This will serve as a control mechanism of the BOA to ensure that seminar will indeed take place and its objectives will be achieved.

7.     Requirement for the giving of a short quiz by the CPD resource person to all attendees at the end of the CPD session and the passing of said quiz by attendees as a requisite for earning the CPD units.

QAU Comment: This means the attendees should pass their quiz before they can earn the CPD units for that seminar.  The BOA may consider clarifying whether the CPD provider will still have to submit the questionnaire to the former prior to the seminar.

8.    More streamlined monitoring of the CPD units by means of the IT Tracking Survey.

In addition to this, the BOA also set February 29, 2016 as the deadline for the filing of application for accreditation for CPAs in commerce and industry preparing the Financial Statements and for the partners and CPA staff of partnerships and firms. This is subject to the final pending approval of the new rules regarding the said accreditation.


For your reference and guidance.