We assist the management in the preparation of actual or projected financial statements in conformance with PFRS.  Having actual or projected financial statements will help you pursue your business objectives.


    We are able to provide you the financial statements, and also the books of accounts. When records are lost or destroyed, we are able to help you reconstruct your books so that it complies with the Philippine Financial Reporting Standards (PFRS).


    We provide services to align your company to current accounting policies to PFRS.  We discuss with you the effects of the transition and how your company will move forward.

    One of the most sought out alignment service is PAS 32 and PAS 39 regarding Financial Instruments, which is most common for banks and other financial institutions. We have also handled PFRS transition from New Government Accounting System (NGAS).

    In the forthcoming years, services for alignment with IFRIC 15 Agreements for the Construction of Real Estate and IFRS 9 Financial Instruments will be needed by companies, which have real estate assets and/or financial instruments.

    Our Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) assists in the transition.  Backed up with technical experience in the interpretation and application of the Standards, rest assured your financial statements will be in full compliance with PFRS.


    We assist the management by carrying out procedures of an audit nature to which we and the entity and any appropriate third party have agreed on.  Upon the end of the engagement, we will present a report on factual findings.


    We can help you evaluate your current accounting system.  Not only do we perform procedures to ensure that the transactions are properly recorded in the books, we also provide your company recommendations to strengthen your internal control policies.

    We can also assist you in creating your chart of accounts and creation of Accounting Manual.

    We have assisted several companies, both service and manufacturing for the creation of their accounting manuals.  We create the manual specified to your own needs and requirements.


    We provide qualified and professional services based on your requirements to help you in your accounting transactions.

    Should you wish to expand the services, we can endorse you to Center for Training and Development, Inc., which provides bookkeeping and general accounting services.

  • PEZA and BOI Registration and Reporting Compliance

    We can help your business register under the Philippine Economic Zone Authority and Board of Investments.  We guide you in the procedures and requirements.  After establishment, we can also assist you in the reporting compliance.