Mr. Glenn J. Magcaling is Admitted as New Audit Partner of RSBA

IMG_GJM1Mr. Glenn J. Magcaling (GJM) joined RSBA in 2011, coming from a Big 4 CPA firm, where he also served as an audit manager. In RSBA, he was exposed to different industries, such as manufacturing, leisure and amusements, cooperatives, and others.

GJM maintains a high standard for work ethic. Almost every day, he will arrive at the office at 8:00 A.M. regardless if he rendered overtime the previous day. He expects quality in the auditors’ work, as well as their professional attitude. This may seem he is strict and may seem he is a workaholic; however, he also provides one-on-one coaching with his staff. Beyond accounting, his life lessons help form an edgier RSBA employee.

He believes in the principle of Mario Andretti, a race car driver, which states that “It’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal that will enable you to attain the success you seek.” Five years ago, he thought his career as an accountant, particularly, as an auditor, was over. The circumstance brought tremendous stress on him which, at one point, he thought of giving up his dreams. But a past acquaintance brought hope which led him to give it a try. He uttered the following: “What’s the worst that can happen to me if I try?” Nothing bad happened. With the impression he received “I admire your persistence”, he started working and doing what he likes – audit. And now, five years after, his persistence, determination and commitment has bear fruit – a new chapter in his professional life opens up for him to fill up.

Besides his professional life, he is a loving husband and a father of three children.